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How Being a Giver Can Boost Your Income with Shaquille Telford

  • Mon, June 03, 2024
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
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How Being a Giver Can Boost Your Income

A few weeks after closing his first business, Shaquille struggled with what to do next. He needed to make money quickly or risk being kicked out of his apartment. Additionally, he had a daughter to take care of, and his wife was seven months pregnant. At the time, he tried everything he could to "get" money, but nothing worked.

Eventually, after encountering many books and teachers who taught the concept of giving first, Shaquille decided to try "giving" as much value as he could and see if it made any change in his life. He kept a spreadsheet for the next year and tracked how much he gave versus received. His life quickly changed, and after one year, he received nearly 10 times (9.9 to be exact) more income than he gave away.

In this workshop, Shaquille will show participants the five-step process he followed to boost his income in one year. This process can help participants:

  1. Find jobs quickly
  2. Earn a raise
  3. Open up opportunities to make more money outside of a job

BONUS: Build a network of awesome people who are always looking to add value

These results all happened for Shaquille, and he is eager to show how giving can boost others' lives too!

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About the Speaker

Shaquille Telford started his first business a few years ago and struggled to attract clients. He left his job, spent most of his life savings on marketing, and tried selling to friends, family, and social media contacts, but nothing worked.

Hearing about his struggle, a coach introduced him to the book 7L: The Seven Levels of Communication, which opened up a whole new world of how to build relationships that can lead to higher earnings. Initially, Shaquille didn't understand what that meant until he read the book. He quickly applied the concepts and started seeing his own success. This led to him finding a job in a new industry after closing his business and getting promoted six months in.

Leveraging his experience, Shaquille is now focused on helping others—from coaches to frustrated employees—use the strategies he applied to grow professionally.

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