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How to Write & Publish Your Book with Jennifer Wilkov

  • Mon, April 01, 2024
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
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How to Write & Publish Your Book

Every writer writes a book with the intention to publish it, whether it’s fiction, non-fiction or a children’s book. However, understanding what it takes to actually publish it, get your book out into the marketplace, and attract attention and/or grow your sales can seem like a mystery of its own, especially as an academic or business owner.  In this presentation, Jennifer S. Wilkov, Top Motivational Speaker, Business Consultant and Best-Selling Author of 2024 selected by the International Association of Top Professionals and sought-after book consultant, will show you how to master the art of writing and publishing your book!  Break through the bottlenecks, complete your book, discover how you can publish your book and start using it to attract more readers, agents, publishers, publicists, press and clients to your book and work.

Expect to learn:

      The basics for writing effective books that sell

      Determine the right way to publish your project

      What is required to publish each type of book

      The secret to using your book as your “hook” in your industry, business, organization, project or career

      Fool-proof ways to master networking introductions with your book inside and outside of the publishing industry

      Proven techniques to use your book to reach TV producers and the media

      Top strategies to leverage your book for various audiences, opportunities and markets

About the Speaker

Jennifer S. Wilkov's passion for communication has led to her being a multi #1 international best-selling award-winning author, keynote/TEDx speaker, spokesperson, producer, an award-winning freelance writer, a respected creative and entertainment development and story consultant, and a serial entrepreneur.

 Jennifer’s purpose is to move humankind forward.

She was selected by the International Association of Top Professionals as the

 Top Motivational Speaker, Business Consultant and Best-Selling Author of the Year for 2024.

Jennifer is the founder and CEO of Speak Up Women, the #1 resource and result on Google for the more than 1.5 – 3 trillion searches daily for the term “Speak Up Women.” Speak Up Women is a community cultivating women’s self-expression and empowerment and encouraging women to speak up in their relationships at home and at work, for personal and professional goals, and for loved ones and causes they care about. Jennifer speaks to women through her inspiring personal message, “You have the right to remain fabulous! – regardless of any situation, circumstance or condition.” She is passionate about elevating the self-esteem of women everywhere and encouraging their self-worth. She enjoys lending her voice and support to opportunities that empower women and encourage them to speak up for the lives they want to live.

Platforms and websites:

Speak Up Women

Boys Before Business

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