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Free or discounted support services include:

Career Counseling & Employment                                                                       Career counselor, exploration & salary negotiations                                                                                   Career Design School                                                                           Metro D.C. area staffing firm                                                                                       Lee Hecht Harrison, career management firm                                                                 Coaching and leadership                                                                               Career management                                                                             All job types                                                                         Career coaching services and workshop series                                                                                    Talent and career management workforce                                                                                                                         solutions within Manpower Group                                                                          Nationwide staffing                                                                   Counseling and consulting services                                                                     Tech training and placement services                                                                               National staffing, local focus                                                                   D.C. Metro career counseling, coaching, résumé                                                                                                                 reviews and other resources for women

Career Fair Listings
www.JobZoneOnlincom                                                                        Jobs and career fairs                                                                                   HR outsourcing                                                                         Temporary to permanent                                                                          HR jobs nationwide                                                                   HR jobs                                                              Temp to Perm                                                                All jobs                                                                           All jobs                                                                    Job search research, resources, and networking                                                                        Paid “self-discovery tool” to identify “natural career                                                                                                             paths” that fit you best                                                                 Free regional events for all types of job seekers                                                                       Defense and security industry career fairs for  
                                                                                                          separated military and civilian professionals

Career Search Materials                                                                              Free business cards

Communications                                                                                      Global community for information professionals, job                                                                                                           board, certifications and training                                                                   Radio advertising sales positions                                                                                       Society for Technical Communicators job board,                                                                                                                 training, and certification
Diverse & Bilingual                                                                       Diversity Village–jobs, career management information                                                                               Hispanic & bilingual jobs                                                                            Hispanic & bilingual jobs

D.C. Metro Region Specific                                                                             All jobs                                                          D.C. metro-area jobs through The Washington Post                                    Weekly Business Newspaper

Emotional Support                                                                            Every Mind (formerly Montgomery County Mental 
                                                                                                    Health Association)                                                            State of Virginia                                                    Fairfax County
BehavioralHealthcare/page74144.aspx                                              Arlington County                                                      Loudoun County


DC Sustainable Energy Utility                                                            Local energy utility
GRID Alternatives                                                                            Renewable energy provider
Home Energy Medics                                                                       Home energy auditing/consulting

Executive                                                                        Association jobs                                                                       Executive search                                                                         Executive level–$100K+ jobs                                                                Heidrick Struggles executive search                                                                Executive Search for Associations, Nonprofits,
                                                                                                     and the Private Sector

Federal                                                       Position postings for those who already possess active                                                                                                        Government security clearances                                                             Federal direct employee to Federal contractor transition                                                                                                      postings                                                          Federal résumé writing                                                                          All Government jobs jobs/résumé preparation                                                                     Federal Government jobs

Finance & Accounting

Freelance                                                                         For expert freelancers, writing and other disciplines                                                                     Freelancers, any discipline

Government Contractors                                                                       Specializing in learning management systems

Graphic Design                                                                

Health Care                                                                      Staffing for health plans, medical groups and physician

Higher Education                                                                       Jobs in higher education                                                                 Higher education job board

Human Resources                                                                           Chesapeake Organization Development network                                                                Recruiting best practices and technologies                                                              HR job resources                                                                  Metro DC Chapter of ASTD                                                             OFCCP-compliant recruitment & branding resources for  
                                                                                                 employers                                                                  HR jobs nationwide                                                                                                                                                         

HR jobs                                                                  HR firm specializing in nonprofits                                                           Organizational development jobs                    Professional outplacement assistance center
                                                                                                 Maryland state employment (FREE)                                                                            HR jobs                                                         HR jobs nationwide                                                             HR jobs

International                                                         International development jobs                                                                    International development jobs

Management Consulting

Cadmus                                                                                     Specializes in energy, climate, public health and    
                                                                                                 international development

Maryland                                                   Professional Outplacement Assistance Center (POAC)                                                           ResCare Workforce Development Services
Mid-Level Management Recruiter            Middle management jobs

National, General Job Sites                                                                     General jobs, not just the Boston area                                                                    General jobs                                                                General jobs                                                                           General jobs                                                                          Classified ads for jobs and other local resources                                                                            Association jobs                                                                            Jobs by city                                                                    Career Board and recruitment services

National Aggregate Job Searches                                                                           Aggregate jobs in any industry, posted to any job board                                                                        Aggregates, social networking, jobs                                                         All jobs, U.S. and international                                                        Lets employers post to 50+ job boards at once and 
                                                                                                   provides aggregate search for seekers

Networking                                                                       Aggregates, social networking, jobs 
www.cluffassociates-com                                                              Project S.A.V.E. HR networking group 

Nonprofit                                                                      Development and foundation jobs                                                                            Nonprofit sector postings                                                                   Nonprofit sector postings

Research & Exploration                                                                                 U.S. Department of Labor                                                                  Information on fast growing companies                                                                         Research nonprofit organizations                                                                          Research company information                                                                              Research on companies                                                                    Research

htttps://                                              Opportunities for those with security clearance                                                        Cyber security jobs                                                              Technology-related jobs, mostly IT and support                                                         Cyber Security jobs in Maryland

Women                                                           Jobs for women, any discipline, nationwide                                                    Resources on opportunities with technology companies

Working from Home 

Workers Over 50             Best employers for workers over 50                                                           Full-part time jobs; links to other sites                                                            Multiple jobs/career advice                                                         Multiple jobs and links, nonprofit job board




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