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40Plus Board of Directors



Introduction Letter to Board Candidates

Thank you for your interest in joining the 40Plus Board of Directors.


The 40Plus of Greater Washington Board of Directors has dedicated itself to ensuring our organization’s continuity and growth. Most of the directors have lived through the ambiguity and trauma of career transition, are veterans of the training program, and want to ensure that 40Plus is around for others to receive critical career transition training and peer group support.


The board's strategic priorities include: Ensuring financial stability, strengthening program offerings, increasing public awareness, and supporting organizational continuity.


Our mission is to empower and connect experienced professionals, managers, and executives for successful career transitions. 40Plus is a non-profit, self-help organization offering a proven system of hands-on training, peer support, networking, volunteering, and talks by career experts.


As you consider joining the board, this document outlines member roles and responsibilities. In addition to submitting a resume, we ask that you respond briefly to two simple questions:


  •  What can you bring to the Board to help 40Plus in its mission?
  •  As a Board member, what would you like to accomplish?

40Plus Board Responsibilities and Role

What the Board's Responsibilities Are:

  • Provide guidance for the direction of the organization
  • Engage in and support programs
  • Ensure financial stability


The Board sets the direction of the organization through the strategic planning process and reviews the mission on an annual basis. The Board also approves a budget that is linked to fulfilling the goals as laid out in the annual work plans that are based on the strategic goals of the overall organization. 


Members of the Board should be well-versed on the purpose, goals and objectives of the organization so that individuals can serve as ambassadors or connectors to their spheres of influence.  To the extent that individual board members can provide support or guidance for individual programs, they are encouraged to do so.  Active participation by Board members in programs and activities raises the profile of the organization and can help to secure resources to ensure ongoing operations. 


In addition to setting the goals and direction of the organization on at least an annual basis, the Board has traditional responsibilities for ensuring the organization meets legal requirements and is operating in accordance with its mission and for the purpose for which it was granted tax-exemption. The Board is responsible for ensuring that the organization is well-run. It has the power to hire, evaluate, advise and remove the executive director.


Committee Participation

Board Members will actively participate in one of the following committees. Committee Chairs may be Board Officers and will report at all Board meetings.


  •          Executive Committee – Board recruitment, orientation, polices; engage in organizational and strategic management and strategic partnerships.
  •          Finance Committee Review monthly and annual accounts, expenses and revenue management
  •          Fundraising Committee Solicits sponsors, grants, large donors, supports fundraising team.
  •          Program Committee – Supports 40Plus events and activities, including Monday morning speakers
  •          Annual Dinner Committee Supports planning and logistics for the Annual Meeting, including venue, reception, auction, food.

How (Board membership includes the following expectations)

  •        Fundraising - in addition to making a personal annual donation to 40Plus, Board members, regardless of the involvement with the Fundraising Committee, should be involved somehow in helping raise funds for the organization.  Examples include advocating on behalf of 40Plus with a foundation, corporation, or government entity; helping organize or support a fundraising event or benefit such as the Annual Dinner; or soliciting donations (either financial support or in-kind contributions of goods and/or services) from other individuals or organizations.
  •        Operations - attend board meetings, actively participate in a committee, review documents put before the Board and shared in Dropbox (online, file-sharing application), and/or take an active role in programs and activities.
  •        Outreach - be well-versed on the purpose, goals and objectives of the organization and promote 40Plus, its mission and its work as appropriate.
  •        Governance - ensure the organization meets legal requirements and is operating in accordance with its mission and for the purpose for which it was granted tax-exemption.



Time Commitment

It is expected that Board members attend at least a majority of Board meetings, serve on a committee and participate in 40Plus events where possible.


Board Authority  

(excerpted in part from bylaws)

The Board of Directors has the responsibility and authority to:

  •           Change the principal offices of 40Plus
  •           Set the required level of financial reserves
  •           Select the depository and investment vehicles for the reserves and Operations cash
  •            Authorize and approve payment for services performed by the Executive Director or the Deputy Executive Director
  •           Assign additional signature authority required for funds disbursement
  •           Set the rules for membership and classes of membership
  •           Set the date for weekly 40Plus open meetings
  •           Authorize the Operations Council to establish certain dues, fees and payment schedules without Board approval
  •           Approve all dues, fees and payment schedules not previously delegated to the Operations Council
  •           Define the complement of core services available to 40Plus Active and Alumni members at no additional cost
  •           Approve the date, time and location of the annual meeting
  •           Call special membership meetings
  •           Elect the Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director, and Operations Director
  •           Perform any other action necessary for the stability and viability of 40Plus

The Operations Council makes recommendations to the Board regarding programs and fees.  The Board shall weigh heavily such recommendations in their deliberations.

Special Committees

The Board of Directors may create and elect one or more committees, such as an executive committee, to perform duties at the discretion of the Board and, in some circumstances, act with the full authority of the Board. The Board will determine the quorum required for such committees.

The nominating committee is responsible for describing the available seats on the Board, the eligibility criteria for nomination to such seats, the process by which candidates are nominated and elected to the Board, and for communicating this information to the general membership each year at least thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting.

Conflict of Interest
Any Board member will disclose to the Board, and recuse him/herself from discussion and voting on any issue of 40Plus business, the outcome of which could directly impact their personal or professional interests.

Empowering Experienced Professionals for Successful Career Transitions

40Plus of Greater Washington
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 Washington, DC 20005
Phone: 202-387-1582

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