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Meet the Operations Council

The Operations Council of 40Plus of Greater Washington is responsible for the day-to-day management of 40Plus. The primary functions -- training, membership, marketing, development, finance, information technology, and operations -- are provided by the members of the Council, with help from a large number active volunteers. The Operations Council meets weekly on Mondays or Thursdays, in the early afternoon.  All members are very welcome to attend and strongly encouraged to get involved in projects undertaken by the council. 

Remember: 40Plus is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization. Volunteering with us can help members (and others) remain actively engaged in the workplace while undertaking a career transition or job search.  It may also help to fill a potential gap in a resume for those who become substantially involved.  (Besides, it feels good and we try to have fun.) 


Eric Hertting - Interim Executive Director; Board Member

TBD - Deputy Executive Director

Ken Schoppmann - Director of Partnerships and Programming; Board Member

Tom Goodwin - Director of Recruitment; Board Member

Rand Cheadle - Director of Social Media

Ron Hebensperger- Technical Consultant/Website

Jim Kast - Director of Information Technology

Rhonda Kranz - Director of Training

Joy Rodman - Memberships

Diane Williams -  Technical Consultant/Webmaster



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